Terms and Conditions

Términos y condiciones

The use of www.andeknitwear.com is governed by the “Terms and Conditions” described below.

It is essential that you accept the Terms and Conditions that we present below in order to make purchases through our website. Andes Knitwear reserves the rights to update and / or modify the Terms and Conditions detailed below at any time, without prior notice.

Registration and account details

As a user you can register and create an account in which you can see your purchase history, your desired products, comment on your products. However, your registration is not required to make purchases on our website.

The user assumes full responsibility for the confidentiality of the secret key of his account. You will have the possibility to change your password by accessing the lower menu “Change my password”, as well as recover your password through an email validation in case you do not remember your registration password. The delivery of your personal password to third parties does not imply responsibility of Andes Knitwear.

User rights

As a user, you will have rights to information, rectification and cancellation of personal data as established by the law on protection of personal data, Law No. 29733. In addition, you will have all the rights that are recognized by consumer protection laws , in force in Perú.

Payment methods

Looking for your comfort and security, we offer you a variety of payment methods that adapt to your needs:

Payment against delivery (*)
Bank deposit (**)
Credit cards
Debit cards

(*) The dispatch day for this means of payment will depend on the Association, Urbanization, Pueblo Joven, AAHH or Cooperativa, etc. to which your address belongs.

(**) You will have a period of 24 working hours to make your bank deposit to our accounts and send the scanned voucher or the photo to the email indicated in the purchase process. The loss or theft of the deposit voucher will be the responsibility of the client.

Payment against delivery

By making your purchase with the Cash on Delivery method, you agree to the following:

– The day of delivery of your order will depend on the Association, Urbanization, Young People, AAHH or Cooperative, etc. to which your address belongs.

– In the event that the delivery area is difficult to access, Andes Knitwear may require the delivery of your order at a meeting point near your home.

– The dispatch in the following areas will only be carried out on the dates indicated below.

* The dispatch day for these districts will depend on the Association, Urbanization, Pueblo Joven, AAHH or Cooperativa, etc. to which your address belongs

Promotions, discounts and product stock

Prices and discounts published on www.andesknitwear.com. They will be valid for as long as they are published on this site. Andes Knitwear may modify any information on the page, including shipping costs, prices, policies and conditions without prior notice.

The prices, promotions and discounts that are published in andesknitwear.com, will only be valid and valid for this website, they are not applicable to other sales channels.

The stock offered for promotion and discount is 1 unit. The consumer will have the option of acquiring up to 3 promotions and discounts for the same product. Delivery for all of Peru is free.

Delivery Policies

Once your order is confirmed via email, you will receive a call from one of our commercial advisers who will confirm your data prior to shipping the product.

You will receive your order in the following 48 business hours in Metropolitan Lima and an average of 5 to 7 business days in provincial branches. Our delivery range is from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. The company may change the payment conditions without prior notice.

The shipping cost depends on the delivery destination and includes a maximum of two delivery attempts. If you wish a third visit to deliver your product, you must pay the amount of S /. 15.00 (fifteen and 00/100) which must be paid at the time of receiving your product.

In the case of not finding the office enabled at your address, you can make your purchase by calling 2034019, enter to call me now (located inside each product) and fill in your information or register in the contact us form indicating that you want to make a purchase .

Any questions and / or queries can be made by writing an email to info@andesknitwear.com or by calling (+51) 920-406-623.

Measures to be taken prior to purchase

If you authorize a person to receive the product in your absence, it is essential that you have your ID at hand during dispatch, as well as having informed Andes Knitwear at the time of confirmation of your purchase. Andes Knitwear will not deliver the product to anyone other than the owner or person assigned at the time of purchase. Products will not be delivered to minors.

Privacy & Security

Personal data protection policy

This Policy applies to all processing of personal data by Andes Knitwear sac (Company trademark) with RUC 20601065089, domiciled at Cal. Eleuterio Ventura Huaman No. 836, District of San Martin de Porres, City of Lima. It will also apply to those people or companies to which Andes Knitwear entrusts the processing of personal data for which it is responsible.


Andes Knitwear is a company dedicated to telesales, with physical points of sale and a new online sales channel. As part of its activity, it performs the processing of personal data in compliance with the provisions of Law 29733 – Personal Data Protection Law, its Regulations, approved by Supreme Decree 003-2013-JUS, and its complementary and modifying regulations (all these hereinafter defined as the “Personal Data Protection Regulations”) Through this Policy we inform the public of our commitment to the protection of personal data, the guidelines under which we carry out the treatment, the purpose for which We use it, as well as the procedures so that the holders of the same can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition provided for in the Personal Data Protection Regulations. The personal data processed by Andes Knitwear are stored in data banks personal data of our ownership The personal data processed by Andes Knitwear will be stored for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes set forth in this Policy. Andes Knitear processes the personal data of its collaborators, clients, potential clients, suppliers and of all those people who visit its facilities and / or with whom it has any legal or commercial relationship, in order to execute said relationship, or to Comply with current legislation, or another that is lawful and duly informed to the owner of personal data.


Andes Knitwear is committed to respecting the guiding principles established in the Personal Data Protection Regulations. Here is the detail:

Principle of legality

The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law, the collection of personal data by fraudulent, unfair or illegal means is prohibited.

Consent principle

For the processing of personal data, the consent of the owner must mediate.

Purpose principle

Personal data must be collected for a specific, explicit and lawful purpose.

Proportionality principle

The processing of personal data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose for which they were collected.

Quality principle

The personal data to be processed must be truthful, accurate, up-to-date, necessary, pertinent and adequate with respect to the purpose for which they were collected.

Safety principle

The owner of the personal data bank and the person in charge of its treatment must adopt the technical, organizational and legal measures necessary to guarantee the security of personal data.

Principle of disposition of appeal

The owner of personal data must have the necessary administrative or jurisdictional channels to claim and enforce their rights, when these are violated by the processing of their personal data.

Principle of adequate protection level

For the cross-border flow of personal data, a sufficient level of protection must be guaranteed for the personal data to be processed or, at least, comparable to that provided by the Law on Protection of Personal Data or by international standards in the matter.


Andes Knitwear requiere del consentimiento libre, previo, expreso, informado e inequívoco del titular de los datos personales para el tratamiento de los mismos, salvo en los casos de excepción expresamente establecidos por Ley. Puede encargar parte del tratamiento de datos personales que forman parte de los bancos de datos personales de los cuales es titular, a proveedores legítimos para fines de procesamiento, equipamiento, marketing y soluciones tecnológicas.Podrá transferir datos personales a entidades públicas legalmente facultadas dentro del ámbito de sus competencias en cumplimiento de la Normativa de Protección de Datos Personales. 


De acuerdo con la Ley, los titulares de los datos personales tienen los siguientes derechos:

Derecho de acceso e información

El titular de datos personales tiene derecho a obtener la información que Andes Knitwear tiene tratamiento en su banco de datos.

Derecho de rectificación, actualización e inclusión

El titular de datos personales tiene derecho a la actualización, inclusión y rectificación de sus datos personales en caso que estos fueran incompletos, desactualizados, cuenten con error o falsedad.

Derecho de cancelación o supresión

El titular de datos personales podrá solicitar la cancelación o supresión de sus datos personales.

Derecho de Oposición

El titular de datos personales puede oponerse al tratamiento de sus datos personales en cualquier momento. La oposición procederá en la medida que el tratamiento no tenga justificación contractual o legal.


El titular de datos personales podrá ejercer sus derechos de Ley, dirigiéndose al correo contacto@andesknitwear.com.pe indicando su nombre completo, tipo de documento de identidad y su número.

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